The Business

This is somewhat difficult to write. MANY conversations, experiences and ideas led to the creation of Two Fresh Brothers. At the most basic level, this company was started because our collective desire for EVERYONE to have an opportunity to create a life of purpose. Whether that be having a fulfilling job, a abundant social life or even being able to choose how personal money is spent.

Living rural, options for jobs (a focus here as Elijah and Malachi are both teenagers) are unbelievably limited. Having a set of skills, like typing, shipping, basic computer navigation, measuring, organization, stocking was only going to set the boys up for more career options later in life. Since a job like that didn't exist, the decision was made to create one. Balancing Malachi's artistic ability with Elijah's sense of organization, Two Fresh Brothers was launched in 2021. The business has grown through Malachi's love to create and Elijah's love of routine to what we are today.


Each member of our family works together picking shapes, colors, scents, assembly, packaging and shipping each freshie. Malachi and Eli are earning a paycheck and learning about money at the same time.

Our hope is that the skills learned will open doors for them later in life so that they can follow their dreams and achieve their goals. We are thrilled you found us and thankful for your continued support.